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Ported from PrBoom, so it can support all other version doom. this game contains demo data. you can change it by using bellow tutorial.

PRAISE For Doom With Friends
. Awesome, just like in the good 'old days! Right in the palm of my hand... -Super Dave
. Good job and thank you!! Best couple of bucks I ever spent for surez! ... You're not paying for the game you are paying for the awesome prboom port for android... Figure it out -Louis
. Nostalgic I couldn't even imagine I could play Doom on my cellphone when I was a kid. This app is great!! Many thanks for bringing back memories! -Olli
. Why is everyone giving this such crappy rattings? Can't people figure out how to install WADs or WHAT? I'm uping my ratting from 4 to 5 stars, of all Android games this is my #1 favorite, fast, fun, addictive, brings back the memories. And FYI this is SHAREWARE so NO to the idiots saying a lawsuit is coming -NOT HAPPENING, learn the law guys. Awesome! Old school Doom on my Android! Just wish the music was better -Rev, Setnakt
. Great!! Works with my Doom2.wad from my old orig. Doom2-Cd! :o I can play Doom2 now on my mobile!! Fantastic! -Marcel

* How to play other version, like TNT, DOOM2 ?
To install a WAD file like the full version of Doom II, you need an external MicroSD card (or a USB drive), a file manager app, and the WAD file (such as DOOM2.WAD from the Win95 CD-ROM). First install the Doom App on your Android. Plug the MicroSD card (or a thumbdrive) into a PC and copy the WAD file (also copy the the music files if you downloaded them) to the MicroSD card. Plug that card into the Android, and copy the WAD file from the card to the directory /sdcard/doom which you will find in the file list (on a Honeycomb tablet, this is a directory in internal memory, NOT actually on the external “SD Card” itself, this can be confusing). Music files get copied to /sdcard/doom/music.
Tap the Doom App icon. If you're using a phone with hardware keys, or an external keyboard, tap Options/Key Binding, you can select your controls on the Configure Keyboard page. Then tap “Save”.
Tip: Rename the original WAD file to “doom1.wad.bak”, and rename DOOM2.WAD to “doom1.wad” and you don't need to mess with menus just to play a single version.

--Dash Raptor
* How can I get other version game data and music ?
Please see bellow website:

2011-9-16 version 2.6
1.add keyboard. now you can input cheat code

2011-9-4 version 2.3
1. fix a little bug of touchscreen control. witch is that when your finger press both the Dpad up icon and turn left icon. then release turn left finger. although you still press the Dpad up icon, but the character doesn't move up any more. now fix this problem.
2011-9-10 version 2.4
support phone Xperia Play
2011-8-8 version 2.1
1.add options that you can use dpad to turn left/right instead of strafe
2011-7-28 version 2.0
1.add god mod . you can turn god mode on/off by pressing the god icon.
2.fix bug of left button doesn't working sometimes
2011-7-7 version 1.9 many people didn't like the change. so change it back
2.add a option. so now you can reposition position of all touchscreen icons
2011-7-5 version 1.8
1.resort the touch screen icon for more playable
2011-6-20 version 1.7
1. Now if you didn't use volume button to control game. it's used to control music volume
2. Now can save and restore the wad file name you input.
2011-6-13 version 1.6
1. fix touch screen control bug. sorry for this bug. this bug can make character keep running . now I fix it.
2. add menu entry to reset to default key binding.
3. Update music name on prboom.cfg file. so now if you have download the and play final doom(like tnt doom or plutonia), you can here music

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